Building Church in one of Europe’s most secular cities – Dom and Sarah John

In this episode, Dom and Sarah John, leaders of a thriving church in Cologne, Germany share their journey from studying theology in the UK to planting a church in Germany, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of building a church in a secular city. They discuss the importance of community, the innovative model of alternating between Sunday services and life groups, and the focus on discipling the younger generation. The podcast offers a detailed look into the couple’s strategies for church growth, including their approach to small groups, family involvement, and financial stewardship, while also touching on the broader vision of spreading Christianity across Europe.

00:00 Welcome to the Rich Martin Podcast: A Deep Dive into Church Building
00:39 Introducing Dom and Sarah John: Church Builders in Germany
02:11 From Theology Studies to Church Planting: Dom and Sarah’s Journey
06:26 The Growth and Impact of Cone City Church
08:44 Navigating Church Leadership in a Secular City
10:51 Balancing Church Life: From Hospital to Family to Army
18:41 Adapting Global Church Models to Local Contexts
25:32 Redefining Small Group Gatherings
26:09 Exploring Breakfast Cultures and Church Community Dynamics
26:48 Creating a Welcoming Church Culture
27:26 Innovative Approaches to Sermons and Life Groups
28:46 Integrating Children into Church Life
30:07 Managing Church Gatherings and Contributions
31:36 The Dynamics of Sunday Services and Financial Giving
34:08 Expanding Church Reach: Planting in New Locations
38:37 Navigating Family Life in Ministry
44:38 Vision for the Future: Empowering the Young Generation
46:59 Connecting with the Church Leaders


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