Building Faith Communities in Secular Europe: A Conversation with Richard Lewis
This podcast episode features an in-depth conversation between Rich Martin and Richard Lewis, focusing on the challenges and strategies of building church communities in secular regions of Europe, specifically Sweden. Richard Lewis shares his personal journey from being inspired to pursue full-time ministry, to pastoring a church in Umeå, Sweden. The discussion delves into topics such as transitioning from larger church roles to leading in smaller, secular communities, the importance of digital presence in modern ministry, and approaches to discipleship and worship that resonate in a European context. Through sharing his experiences and reflections, Lewis offers insights into navigating ministry in environments that are often indifferent or resistant to religious engagement.

00:00 Opening Remarks and Introduction to Rich Lewis
01:12 Rich Lewis’s Journey: From Birmingham to Sweden
02:19 The Path to Pastoring in Sweden: A Detailed Account
11:20 Navigating Transitions: Insights and Experiences
18:22 Building a Modern Church in Sweden: Strategies and Challenges
25:37 Exploring Leadership and Community Influence
25:51 Religious Landscape in Sweden: A Comparative Insight
26:17 Adapting Church Methods to Local Culture
26:49 Navigating Spirituality and Social Issues in Sweden
30:21 Challenges and Strategies in Church Building
33:52 Personal Growth and Vision in Ministry
43:26 Reflections and Future Directions for European Churches
43:52 Embracing Digital Presence and Discipleship in Church Growth


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