Managing the mess of a church breakdown, a personal reflection on repentance as leaders and how God restores – their journey of going again!

Join Rich Martin in this heartfelt conversation with Claire and Dan Maudhub. They share their profound and challenging journey of building a church, dealing with unexpected setbacks, navigating repentance and healing, and emerging with renewed spirit and purpose. From their early days in a small church to leading a larger community, and the monumental challenges they faced, their story is a powerful testament to faith, humility, and the transformative power of Jesus. Perfect for anyone who has experienced or is currently facing similar trials in their faith journey.

00:00 Introduction and Overview
01:25 Meet Claire and Dan Maudhub
03:05 Dan’s Business Ventures and Claire’s Teaching Career
05:02 The Church Journey Begins
09:01 Early Church Growth and Challenges
13:11 Leadership and Personal Struggles
15:14 The Collapse and Aftermath
19:05 Rebuilding and Reflection
22:51 Personal and Spiritual Healing
28:11 Reflecting on a Significant Album
28:36 Spiritual Reflections and Personal Growth
31:44 Rejoining and Rebuilding in the Church
32:19 Navigating Challenges and Finding New Passion
34:21 Lockdown Reflections and New Directions
38:01 Stepping Out in Faith and Trust
48:16 Practical Advice and Encouragement
52:47 Final Thoughts and Prayers


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