Reflections on Soul Church’s Building Opening…watch Episode 37 Before this one!
This is done Live in the car (with Dan Belshaw and Matt Harrison) driving back from the largest church building opening in Europe! We talk about the impression it had on us and what we loved about it! Enjoy

00:00 Introduction to Episode Two
00:12 Journey Back from Soul Church Norwich
00:22 Live from the Car: Initial Reactions
00:39 Context and Background of Soul Church
01:30 Impressions of the New Building
02:50 Post-Reaction Discussion
03:09 Takeaways from the Experience
04:43 Reflections on the Church’s Impact
05:48 The Significance of the Building
06:48 Honoring the People Behind the Church
12:11 Closing Thoughts and Reflections
22:23 Final Words and Farewell


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