Are Church Buildings Needed?
Thoughts on the largest church building opening in Europe
Does Europe need more physical church buildings?

In this brilliant episode (my opinion I’m aware!), I delve into the topic of physical church buildings and their pivotal role in communities. Joined by my friends, Matt Harrison and Dan Bellshaw, we embark on a road trip to Norwich UK to witness the opening of Soul Church’s new facility, helmed by Jon and Chantelle Norman…lots to chat about!

EPISODE 2 follows this one! (Where we discuss our thoughts after we had spent all day there!)

00:00 Introduction and Personal Update
00:46 The Unique Setting of the Podcast
01:07 The Journey to Soul Church
03:19 The Story of Dan Bellshaw and Light Church
09:43 The Vision for the Church Building
21:52 The Role of Church Buildings in Communities
26:26 The Church and Its Identity
27:41 The Evolution of the Church
29:17 The Role of Church Buildings
30:51 The Significance of Sacred Spaces
31:49 The Power of Memories and Church Buildings
35:17 The Intersection of Physical and Spiritual
40:42 The Journey of Building a Church
44:26 The Future of Church Buildings
48:13 Reflections and Conclusions


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