Navigating Finances and Faith: A Deep Dive with Bob and Linda Lotich

In this episode of the Rich Martin Podcast, host Rich Martin interviews Bob and Linda Lotich, founders of Seed Time Ministry (, which helps individuals and churches globally manage money with a Christian perspective. They discuss the importance of viewing money through a biblical lens, teaching financial stewardship, and the impact of integrating God into financial decisions. Highlighting practical methods and transformative insights, the conversation touches on tithing, charitable giving, and achieving financial freedom while maintaining a heart for God. The Lotichs share their journey from financial struggles to being able to give a million dollars away, emphasizing the role of faith in personal finance. Furthermore, they explore the nuances of financial teachings in churches, addressing misconceptions around wealth and providing guidance on fostering a healthy, God-centered financial mindset among congregations.

00:00 Welcome to the Rich Martin Podcast: Episode 38
00:31 Introducing Bob and Linda Lotich: Masters of Money and Ministry
04:30 The Journey from Financial Mess to Giving Millions
09:08 Navigating Money, Ministry, and the Middle Ground
20:05 Practical Steps and Heart Transformation for Financial Freedom
24:03 The Role of Money in Churches: A New Perspective
35:54 Empowering Churches and Individuals Towards True Financial Freedom
38:47 Wrapping Up: The Impact of Seed Time Ministry


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