Gavin Calver: Redefining Evangelicalism, How he started a micro church in his home, honest insights into raising children of faith…and loads more

In this episode, I speak with Gavin Calver – Gavin is the CEO of the Evangelical Alliance. He has a burning passion to see the church working together to share the Gospel throughout the UK. Formerly the leader of Youth for Christ and chair of Spring Harvest, he’s an ordained evangelist and regular public speaker and has authored six books. Gavin talks openly about how Evangelicalism has been heavily defined by the USA and how he sees the term here in the UK and Europe. We also talk all about the church he finds himself planting, in his home with his wife and kids. Commonly known as ‘micro church’ Gavin explains how it works week to week the highs and lows of this relatively new journey for him and his family! We then also talk about growing up in a Christian home and how Gavin and his wife have intentionally looked at creating a home full of faith where their kids can grow up knowing Jesus.

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