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6 Main Areas Of Coaching

Staff & Volunteer Training

Inspiring and equipping staff and volunteers is something I love to do. Having an outside voice strengthening what you’re building is a gift to leaders and that’s what I deliver when I train.


One-to-One Coaching

20 years of building local church has enabled me to understand and know the dynamics leaders and staff go through. One-to-one sessions offer the opportunity to journey with someone and help them navigate and transition into a new them.


Platform Speaking

Communicating to groups of people and inspiring them to grow in the things of God is a passion of mine. God has graciously used me to communicate on platforms and I’ve enjoyed every minute! I also hope the listeners have too 😉


Strategy Journeys

Working with leadership or staffing teams to strategise a route forward has been a regular role of mine. This can happen over a period of months but usually involves taking people on a journey to realise God is doing something new and adjusting our work to respond to this.


Interim Leadership Consultation

Over the last few years, I have been asked by churches to consult, support and sometimes oversee the leadership transition of a church over a period of weeks to months. This has been behind the scenes alongside the trustees/eldership teams. Each case is unique and something I enjoy immensely.


Department & Event Upskilling

Helping a church upskill in a specific area, these can and have included:

Conferences and Events.

I developed and oversaw the expansion and growth of several large conferences and events in the UK, including a women’s conference in an arena for 8000 people.


I was the principal of Life Church College for 8 years which attracted students from all over Europe to study for 1 year

Church Systems

I oversaw the delivery of systems and strategy within Life Church including administration and pastoral systems to ensure the church looked after its people well.

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