In this podcast, I get to have a conversation with Alan Hirsch all about Ephesians 4 and the understanding of the roles of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd and Teacher (APEST). Alan is known for his innovative approach to mission and is widely considered to be a thought leader and key mission strategist for churches across the western world. He has spent decades looking in-depth at Ephesians 4 and has written an incredible book called 5Q ( where he unpacks his findings. This conversation looks at his book and is a fascinating exploration of how the church has been given the tools to see Gods kingdom come and the job we now have is understanding how to unlock and use them. Whatever your previous thoughts about the role of APEST and how they function, this conversation with Alan will encourage you to look again and see the power of the gifts of APEST in new ways!

More information about Alan can be found on his website: