Episode 31 is with Adam Graber (www.adamgraber.com). In today’s chat, Adam takes us on a conversation around ‘How is digital technology discipling us?’ We also explore other digital avenues and how our faith and spirits can be engaged in this relatively young ‘space’ The digital era!

Adam Graber co-hosts the Device & Virtue podcast, is a consultant with Leadership Network and FaithTech, and a coach at Wheaton College’s Center for Faith & Innovation. Adam researches and writes on emerging technologies, and consults with Christian leaders on digital spiritual formation.

He has developed tech courses for Northern Seminary and Fuller Seminary. He speaks regularly on everything from the Metaverse to evangelism chatbots. He has written for Christianity Today, The Bulwark, Relevant, Christ and Pop Culture, and others.

He has a Masters in Digital Theology from Durham University.


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